Sindh Skills Development Project (SSDP)

Objectives of the Project
The objective of the Sindh Skills Development Project (SSDP) is to support the Sindh Government in strengthening and expanding its Skills Development programmes by improving the quality of vocational training to produce high quality skilled workforce from the Government funded training institutions and to provide better and decent employment opportunities to un-employed youth of the province. The Project would also seek to promote institutional reforms and innovations in the selected Training Institutions, improvement in the existing and development of new programmes and to strengthen the overall management capacity of the Technical Vocational Education and Training System in Sindh Province

Aims & Objectives of Component – II & III
The basic objective of Component – 2 of the Sindh Skills Development Project (SSDP) is to establish responsive and market driven institutional training programmes in the institutions under the Administrative control of STEVTA to meet the growing demand of skilled workforce from employers / skills market on one hand and to provide maximum opportunities for decent employment to trainees on the other hand. Under this Component, the selected training institutions fulfilling the requisite conditions would be provided funding to redesign, and upgrade the existing training programmes and to develop new training programmes for improving the quality and relevance of training in these institutions.

The funding to institutions would be made available through transparent and competitive funding mechanism. The potential of the institutions to cater to the market demands will be the major requirement. The institution will also require implementing some institutional reforms to ensure private sector support and participation in the training activities. The institutional reforms will include establishing one Institute Management Committee at institute level and an Advisory Group for each program

The project will finance revision, upgradation and development of up to 70 markets driven training programmes. Individual institute may submit proposals for maximum of three programmes but would only be eligible to be funded for a maximum of two programmes. Certificate and Diploma program with minimum 06-month duration to 3-years would be covered. 70% of the total programmes to be upgraded or newly developed will be Certificate Courses (6 – 12 months) and remaining 30% will be Diploma Courses. All vocational Commercial, institution (Monotechnic and Polytechnic) will be eligible to apply for funding under the project. The funding for each program would be up to $ 65,000/-. The funding will be utilized mainly to cover the expenditure on:

• Provide Technical Staff to participate in Advisory Groups to revise the existing and develop new curriculum/ Competency Standards

• Modernizing machine & equipment, existing Workshop / Laboratories

• Small renovation / construction of workshops / class rooms to support training as per revised curriculum up to 20% of the cost of project

• Providing new equipment / machine for upgraded and new programmes

• Recruiting new instructors and training of existing instructor and new instructors to upgrade their skills for imparting skills training and knowledge in the revised as well as newly developed programmes

• Carry out local Survey to identify the skills market requirements, access the quality & relevance of training and to know employment of passed out trainees respectively

• Consumable Training material to be used for training and institute administrative cost including overhead expenditure


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